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BTI Defence Agreement with PT Citra Shipyard

  02 November 2022
BTI Defence Agreement with PT Citra Shipyard

Jakarta, 2 November 2022

Indonesian Navy’s success in defending the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia from external and domestic threats is also influenced by the country's strong efforts to strengthen the main defense system or defense equipment, by continuing to modernize existing, or the latest defense equipment. Private manufacturers or company of defense equipment also play an important role in Indonesia's military strength and the progress of the domestic defense industry, including PT BTI Indo Tekno and PT Citra Shipyard who collaborate in the construction of the newest warships equipped with modern weapons systems to strengthen the Navy's warship fleet.

The form of collaboration agreed by PT BTI Indo Tekno and PT Citra Shipyard is the construction of 2 units of PC-40 class warships by PT Citra Shipyard, which are then equipped with Seahawk LW30-type automatic cannons made by MSI UK, supplied by PT BTI Indo Tekno. The agreement was signed by BTI Defence President Director Peter Tjahjono and Citra Shipyard Operations Director Abi Khok. "Previously, BTI has supplied 30 mm LW30M A1 Automatic Cannon made by MSI which has been installed in 5 Indonesian Navy warship of the PC-40 class, namely KRI Pari, KRI Sembilang, KRI Surik, KRI Pollux and KRI Sidat," said Peter when met by reporters at the Indo Defense 2022 Expo & Forum exhibition area, on Wednesday (2/11/2022).

PC-40 is a class of fast patrol ships that support the Indonesian Navy program, to routinely maintain regional security from threats and crimes in sea waters. PT Citra Shipyard took part in the process of making this PC-40 class ship, of course, equipped with modern weapons systems such as the 30 mm caliber automatic cannon LW30M A1 made by MSI UK, supplied by PT BTI Indo Tekno. LW30M A1 is an advanced automatic cannon that has been equipped with a modern fire control system, making it one of the ship's weapons that has a high level of accuracy with the lightest weight in its class. With a cyclic firing rate of about 200 rounds per minute, the LW30M A1 can hit its target accurately up to its effective firing distance of about 4.5 km. This is possible because the automatic cannon can be integrated with the ship's combat management system (CMS) and can also be operated manually by the crew, assisted by a variety of advanced sensors and high-intensity cameras, including a thermal imager.

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