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With the capability to operate anywhere in Indonesia, we make sure we meet customers’ changing needs on-time, everytime.

What We Do

Providing a comprehensive service to military, law-enforcement, & security forces based on trust, reliability, and strong relationship


As a manufacturer's representative, BTI Defence offers the complete "End-to-End" package for OEMs. BTI Defence manages the in-country marketing and promotion activities, the tender process, the acquisition of the products and services, the pre-delivery, elivery, and post-delivery process, and product warranty.


BTI Defence provides a complete package for product life-cycle support such as Spare Parts Management, Technical Support, Site Surveys & Inspections, Condition Assessments & Reporting, Fault & Failure Invetigations


BTI Defence's MRO expertise includes, Weapon Systems (Medium & Large Caliber), Engineering & Support System such as Power Generation, Steering, Winches & Bay Doors, Navigation Systems such as Radars, Interface Systems & Signal Converters, Electronic Warfare including CMS, Sonar & ECS.


BTI Defence's contribution to the modernisation of Indonesia's Armed Forces includes : Weapon Systems such as Analog to Digital Upgrades, Modern Optics & Programmable Munitions, Navigation Systems such as WECDIS, WAIS Upgrades, Modern Sensors & Signal Conversion Units, Communication Systems such as TDL Integration, SDR Upgrades, BLS Enhancement, and Electronic Warfare including Sonar Systems & ESM.


With a global network of specialists and local experts, BTI Defence is currently participating in a consultative and advisory capacity on UAV (MALE) & sub-systems selection, Weapon Systems for 40mm Naval Gun, Tactical Communication (TNI-AL - Classified), and Sub-Surface Defence Systems (MoD - Classified).

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