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BTI Defence Introduces Meteksan KAPAN Anti-Drone to TNI-AL in Jakarta

  04 December 2020
BTI Defence Introduces Meteksan KAPAN Anti-Drone to TNI-AL in Jakarta

The use of drones for intelligence or assault by enemies or terrorists are spreading rapidly, and it is very difficult to detect them by traditional security measures. It also has the ability to drop an explosive payload that can make catastrophic damages on critical facilities or military bases.

Answering the challenging situation, BTI Defence introduces Meteksan’s KAPAN Anti-Drone defense system to TNI-AL in Jakarta Cilandak on Tuesday, Mon 24, 2021, attended by Asintel KSAL Rear Admiral of the TNI Angkasa Dipua, Waaskomlek Kasal Admiral TNI Dono Herbowo, and Head of Research & Development Center Admiral TNI Agus Karminto.

Meteksan Defence developed the KAPAN Anti-Drone System for military and security officers to help them fight with drone threats. KAPAN Anti-Drone system offers precise drone detection and tracking performance with Radar and Electro-Optic system combinations and its artificial intelligence integrated algorithms.

It offers a superior drone detection, tracking and neutralization performance for border and critical infrastructure security. BTI Defence is an Authorized Partner of Meteksan Savunma, a Turkishdefense technology company, based in Ankara specializing in radar systems, perimeter surveillance systems, laser and electro-optic systems, communication systems, underwater acoustic systems and simulators.

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