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Improving Sonar Detection Capabilities on Warships, BTI Defence Collaborates with SEA

  03 November 2022
Improving Sonar Detection Capabilities on Warships, BTI Defence Collaborates with SEA

Jakarta, 3 November 2022

Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) capability is one of the most important aspects for a modern combat vessel or a warship, especially the one with medium to large tonnage such as destroyer, frigate, or corvette. The capability of doing Anti-Submarine Warfare is of course important for a surface naval ship, enable them to locate enemy submarine position, then tracking the submarine and attack it with the right weapon system, such as anti-submarine torpedo and anti-submarine rocket. Sonar plays a very important role for a ship ASW capability. Sonar can search, track and identify any objects that lay beneath the ocean, not just enemy submarine. It makes sonar so important for any combat vessel, including the one with small tonnage, such as PC-40 class patrol ship and KCR-60 class fast attack craft that belongs to Indonesian Navy.

Of course, a hull-mounted sonar can’t ideally be fitted inside a small tonnage ship because a very limited space inside the hull itself and it is too heavy. PT BTI Indo Tekno, together with SEA (Cohort PLC Company) from United Kingdom, has introduced a new SEA towed-sonar technology with a very capable and sophisticated tracking system, with the ability to be fitted in a small tonnage ship, such as PC-40 class patrol ship. Another advantage of SEA towed-sonar is its low maintenance cost and it is easy to maintained. Installing SEA towed-radar will increase PC-40 combat capability, it can coordinate with bigger combatant vessel that carry anti-submarine weaponry and hunt enemy submarine, and also at the same time, reporting other strategical information to the high command.

PT BTI Indo Tekno and SEA (Cohort PLC Company) has signed a Letter of Agreement (LOA) and Power of Authority (POA) during 2022 Indo Defence exhibition at JIExpo, Jakarta. Within this event, PT BTI Indo Tekno has proved its commitment to help the Indonesian Navy, to modernize the equipment of Indonesian Navy ships, with the latest, most modern sonar technology from SEA. The signing was done by Peter Tjahjono as President Director of PT BTI Indo Tekno and Richard Fillton as Managing Director of SEA. PT BTI Indo Tekno is one of well-recognized defence procurement specialist company, specialized in maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) for the Indonesian Navy ship, weapon system, natigation system, and, providing a comprehensive service to military, law-enforcement, and security forces based on trust, reliability, and strong relationship. Providing 5 units Seahawk LW30M A1 weapon system for PC-40 class patrol ship of the Indonesian Navy is one of the latest PT BTI Indo Tekno achievement.

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