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BTI Defence delivers AREX handguns for testing and evaluation by Detachment 88

  27 May 2021
BTI Defence delivers AREX handguns for testing and evaluation by Detachment 88

Detachment 88 (Densus 88) Enforcement Director, AKBP Endang participated in the evaluation test of the AREX pistol demoed by BTI Defence as authorized agent for AREX in Indonesia. The test was carried out at the Marine Shooting Club MSC, Cilandak. The purpose of the event was to evaluate guns that meet Densus 88’s conceal-carry standard for handling, reliability, accuracy, and modularity for field operatives.

Also participating in this event were Densus 88 Head Chief and Deputy Head representative, and8 field operative personnel. The field agents had the opportunity to experience shooting with the AREX line-up, including Arex Zero 1 Standard, Tactical, Compact, Arex Alpha, and the Delta in particular which is to be proposed as standard for covert operation.

The Delta matched and even exceeded all the Densus 88’s expectations. It’s chambered for the 9 mm NATO that is sized optimally for concealed carry. Built on a polymer frame, the Arex Delta pistol provides its operator with great ergonomics, as well as best-in-class reliability and durability.

“There’s a loaded chamber indicator topside and a red striker-status indicator at the slide’s rear, it also features a picatinny rail, modular adjustable backstrap for ergonomics, as well as optics-ready slide making it the most feature-rich concealed-carry gun that every covert field agent wishes to have”. Says a field-operator commenting on the Delta after thoroughly evaluating the gun.

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