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BTI Defence and Its Strategic Partners Success on Securing Submarine Rescue System Contract during 2023 DSEI Expo

  13 September 2023
BTI Defence and Its Strategic Partners Success on Securing Submarine Rescue System Contract during 2023 DSEI Expo

LONDON – Early in September, PT BTI Indo Tekno has secured the SRVS (Submarine Rescue Vehicle System) contract with Indonesian Ministry of Defence. This crucial purchase contract entails the provision of a state-of-the-art submarine rescue vehicle and its custom-built mothership, both tailored to support emergency submarine rescue missions. Today, during the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) expo in London, on board the Royal Navy's Type-23 frigate, HMS Iron Duke, there was a tripartite agreement signing between PT BTI Indo Tekno, SMP (Submarine Manufacturing & Products Ltd.), and Houlder Ltd., for the fulfillment of the SRVS contract. The signing was witnessed by the Director General for Defence Potential, Major General Muhammad Fadjar, as the official representative of the Indonesian Ministry of Defence, and the UK Prime Minister’s Trade and Envoy to Indonesia and ASEAN, Richard Graham MP. Alongside the official delegates, the Chairman of Indonesian Defence Industry Policy Committee, Lieutenant General (Retd.) Yoedhi Swastanto and the Divisional Head of Aerospace and Defence, UK Export Finance, Pat Cauthery, was also there to witness.

Built by British leading manufacturer and supplier of diving and subsea rescue equipment, Submarine and Manufacturing Products Ltd (SMP), the SMP SRV-F Mk.3 ranks among the world's most advanced SRVS. Its innovative design boasts advantages over other systems currently adopted by neighbouring nations. Guided by the "One Out, All Out" philosophy, the SMP SRV-F Mk.3 has the unique capability to rescue 50 submarine crew members simultaneously. This allows for the rapid rescue of entire crews from submarines such as the Nagapasa-class and Type 214-class in a single mission.

The SMP SRV-F Mk.3 showcases a hybrid design, allowing for both air transport and integration with a dedicated mothership, presenting a more versatile approach and faster deployment compared to the traditional flyaway-only systems which can be intricate with numerous dependencies and technical challenges. This mothership is fitted with top-tier support equipment, including advanced Transfer Under Pressure (TUP) and a dedicated Decompression Chamber, facilitating the seamless immediate medical attention to any rescued personnel.

As the Indonesian submarine force's foundation anniversary approaches, the Indonesian Navy is on track to introduce one of the world's foremost submarine rescue systems, courtesy of the Indonesian Ministry of Defence. The procurement of SRVS or Submarine Rescue Vehicle System is one of the important policies taken by the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia, Prabowo Subianto. Defence Minister Prabowo Subianto and the Ministry of Defence are striving to modernise the Indonesian Navy's combat equipment, with the Submarine Rescue Vehicle System that will strengthen the Indonesian submarine fleet, ensuring the safety of submarine crews who are operating to defend the country's sovereignty.

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